Sculpture 21

Sculpture 21
Our Muse

110" Tall
Located in the Cornwell-Reed Arts Building at Oakland City University

In Greek mythology, the muses typified the inspiration for the arts. There was a special muse for poetry, dance, drama, music, sculpture, literature and other arts. The concept for our sculpture, created by Bob Zasadny, intends to symbolize the intense and personal struggle of all artists who create genuine works of art. Our generic, non-gender abstract figure with two fronts and no back, depicts two extremes of artistic elan so familiar to every artist; the inspired, joyful, productive and successful creative process, contrasted to the despairing and painful discouragement that is also frequently a part of the creative process. Our Muse, now guarding the entrance of our own artistic sanctuary, illustrates a universal struggle experienced by every artist, whether a beginning learner or a finished professional.